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Consumers today expect your brand and your business to have a social media presence.

However. It needs to be a presence that is tailored specifically to a problem, issue or solution that they seek an answer to.

Growing, communicating with and nurturing an audience for your business using social media channels can be time-consuming, confusing and very frustrating.

The challenge is determining which social media marketing channels could work best for your business and possibly which single channel could give you the best results.

  • On Facebook messenger approximately 20 billion messages are exchanged between businesses and users       monthly.
  • On Instagram  75.3% of US businesses use the platform
  • On Pintrest 43% of Internet users in the US have a Pintrest account and high income households are twice as likely to use Pintrest as lower income households -  which means it’s ideal for promoting high price ticket  products and services.
  • On LinkedIn 61 million users are of senior level influence and 40 million are in decision-making positions.
  • It is also the most used social media platform amongst Fortune 500 companies, which means you can promote the B2B part of your business to people in the right places.
  • On Youtube 62% of businesses use Youtube as a channel to post video content and 90% of people say they discover new brands or products on Youtube.

Whether you’re posting on social media or advertising on social media platforms the goal is to draw people back to your most important digital assets which would be your website and then to get them on your list.

This will enable you to create multiple touch points with them which means you can develop a know, like and trust relationship with them.

It is well known that people are more inclined to buy from people and businesses that they trust.

Most cabinetmaking businesses don’t have a well thought out social media marketing strategy and therefore execute the little they do very poorly.

This means that even a modest campaign well structured and consistently executed can put your business way ahead of your competition.

Social meedia marketing for cabinetmakers


Of surveyed consumers use Facebook


Of Instagram users follow a business on the platform


Of Pinterest weekly pinners have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest

our Social media marketing services

Our process is straightforward CONTENT>TEST>TRACK>OPTIMISE>REPEAT.  Striking the balance between engaging content and good data that drives engagement with visitors and potential customers.

Competitor Analysis

  • Analysing your service areas and industry.
  • Analysing competitors that may be outperforming you in terms of audience and engagement.
  • Analysing the content and messaging that performs well with your audience and industry.

Engaging Organic social campaigns

  • Researching the relevant content that has high             engagement.
  • Posting and scheduling posts regularly.
  • Monitoring your engagement and interaction.

creating paid social Media marketing campaigns

  • Developing custom audiences that based on your company and brand.
  • Creating copywriting and imagery for high performing social ads.
  • Split testing.
  • Reporting, improving and optimising paid social ads.

tracking and optimising campaign results

  • For your audience and reach.
  • For your engagement rates will click through rate and lead generation.
  • For your ROI on paid social campaigns.

social media reputation monitoring and management

  • Of your social media reviews.
  • Of your social media feedback and sentiment.
  • Of your social engagement from campaigns.
  • Of your mentions and chat across social platforms.

integrating social media Marketing with your website

  • Placement of social widgets on your website.
  • Adding social buttons such as “share on Facebook” or “Pin this” to website content.
  • Content distribution across social platforms.

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