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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimizing the structure of your websites and content so that it can be properly indexed and presented as the most appropriate or best result relative to a person’s search by matching keywords and search related variables.

Simply, SEO is the process that helps you get more traffic to your website for free.

In the short term Google, Bing and Yahoo are indexing machines, When your website gets indexed the algorithms determine where your website fits in and what search terms or keywords would be relevant to it.

However in the long-term they are weighing machines. They weigh or measure how much engagement you have on your site, do visitors stick around, are they clicking across a number of pages, clicking on links and clicking on videos. It needs to know that your website is delivering value to visitors over time.

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Your website is your most valuable piece of digital real estate and SEO is the supercharged engine that can get you onto page one and ahead of your competition.


Of experiences online begin

with a search engine enquiry


Of people never scroll past

the first page of results


Of users research products and companies before making a purchase

SEO success factors

SEO success factors have to work together. Fast page loading doesn’t help when your site structure is a mess and can’t be easily crawled. Weak content doesn’t support properly optimized HTML titles.

How relevant is your website?

Specificity. Every page needs to have a specific topic and be rich with appropriate keywords. It also needs to be useful for people to read. From an SEO standpoint this creates relevance.

How crawlable is your website?

It needs to be easy for your website to be inspected, scanned and indexed by Google. This is crawlability.

How much engagement do you have?

Google needs to see that your visitors are spending lots of time on your webpages. This confirms for them that based on the search terms a user typed into Google, the algorithms made the correct selection by sending those visitors to your website. This means more traffic will get sent to your site in future.

What authority does your website deliver?

Your website needs to prove to Google that your content has credibility because it is being vouched for by other credible websites within the industry that your keywords are related to.

On page SEO relates to your relevance, quality and engagement. For the most part once your on page SEO is done it is done for awhile.

Off page SEO is about your websites authority and it’s all about links. Links facilitate the crawling and indexing of the web by search engines. Links create a measure of website popularity. The more links you have coming into your website the more the search engines will recognize it as popular and respected and will therefore send more traffic relative to its keywords and searches which makes your site more popular which drives more traffic to it, and the cycle repeats itself. This makes your site more trustworthy and therefore gives it greater authority. That is what Google likes to see.

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