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Delivering leads, customers and sales

When you consider the scale of integration that Google has. Think search engine results, Youtube, which is the second largest search engine in the world, Google maps, Google my business, Gmail and the Google ads network. It covers, owns or has influence over a massive area of online real estate.

This creates a huge winner take all game. The businesses that make themselves the most seamlessly aligned get the most impressions, clicks and have the most relevance create even more opportunity to get more impressions, clicks and relevance. You make the internet a sales engine.

PPC on auto pilot

Google wants to send you traffic, they have it and you want it.

Once you create your Google campaigns and google sends traffic to your site, you need to have information collection requests, following up with leads, making sales and doing whatever else you need to so that, your TRAFFIC to LEAD to SALE process moves along as a smooth customer journey.

Remarketing, another opportunity to build trust, persuasion and make the sale

Remarketing is behavioural retargeting and it is a process of advertising to people who visited your website.

It helps you create multiple touch points with them as well as keeping your business in a Top Of Mind position when they are ready to take action.

People are at different points along the buying cycle and remarketing gives you many chances to recapture their attention and get them to have another look at your offer.

Pay per click for cabinet making businesses


Of users click on ads as they help them find the information they need more easily


More likely to purchase something compared to organic visitors


Of clicks go to the top 3 paid ads

our Pay Per Click Services include

For a cost effective advertising strategy, PPC is a quick way to deliver more website traffic, leads and ultimately sales.

An online competitor analysis

  • Conduct a market analysis of your service area and industry
  • Find local competitors investing in PPC ads and their relative positions
  • Conduct a keyword analysis applicable to your industry and   market
  • Establishing revenue and cost per lead goals

data driven ads

  • Research customer search behaviour for your services
  • Create high performing ad copy and creatives
  • Split test ad copy and creatives
  • Do competitor research on ad copy and creatives

ad tracking and analysis

  • Track ad positions by campaign
  • Track click through rates
  • Track and optimize cost per click
  • Track leads, calls and sales
  • Attribute revenue to each paid campaign

campaign management

  • Manage and adjust bids for campaigns
  • Adjust bidding according to monitored keyword search queries
  • Monitor click through rate cost per click and       average position

Paid search campaigns

  • Run paid ads targeting consumers based on their search engine queries
  • Ad specific landing page optimisation
  • Integrated SEO and paid search campaigns
  • Execute display ad campaigns
  • Retargeting and remarketing ad campaigns

multi channel marketing

  • Google ad campaign management
  • Google local services ad management
  • Bing ad campaign management
  • Youtube advertising
  • Social media paid marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more...

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