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What is cabinetmaker marketing crew about

We all know our audience and potential customers are online which means all our businesses are now online businesses.

It is now more important than ever for you to get online traffic to your digital assets.

The problem most cabinet making businesses have, is moving beyond all the shiny buttons that offer the illusion of short term gain, instead of building a sales machine that runs consistently and reliably.

At Cabinetmaker marketing crew we specialize in helping cabinetmaking businesses find and connect with their online audience with trust building websites, offers, ads and content so that they can create a pipeline of ongoing sales and ultimately sustainable profitability.

Why work with us

We specialize in and are 100% committed to cabinetmakers, your markets, audiences and the clients you serve.

This means we are super focused on your success because we don't service other markets such as the local chiropractor, gym, car dealership, attorney, doctor or gift store... our attention isn't scattered across multiple professions all with different needs.

After all you don't decide to be a electrician on one day, a plumber the next and then you're an architect the following day.

The quality of work you'd produce would not be great!

  • We know your keywords...
  • We know what your clients are looking for and browsing for...
  • We know where your clients are looking and browsing...
  • We know what makes your clients tick, click and call...

Our work is based on your long term success which means that we don’t use black hat tactics, hacks, tips and tricks or promise fast results that over time are not sustainable.

We take a comprehensive approach, this includes conversion focussed websites, search engine optimisation (SEO), google maps optimization, content marketing , PPC (pay per click) advertising and facebook advertising.

This gives you a well balanced online marketing plan.

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A little bit about me

If your entrepreneurial and business journey has been a steadily rising line from left to right on the chart of life.

If you've never had a week, or a month or a quarter where you've wondered how you were going to make it through to the other side, how you were going to find more customers so that at least you could conclude more orders so that you could meet your commitments and pay the bills. Then I can only say that you have been very fortunate and long may that continue for you.

I share a part of my journey with you so that you as a fellow business owner can see that I truly know what it means to own and manage not just a business, but a cabinetmaking business...

After many years in the business, it was 2008, I was working in our family owned and operated business in South Africa, that my Dad had started in 1997. We manufactured retail shopfittings, display stands and cabinetry. Our scope of work was very broad and always interesting and challenging.

Curved greeting card display cabinets

Greeting card and speciality gift store

Cabinetmaking for a motorcycle showroom

Motorcycle showroom with a floor to ceiling tire rack

Cabinetmaking clothes display with metal and timber finishes

A clothing display gondola using steel and timber

I had built and  managed the accounts of some of our biggest clients who in turn were doing business with the largest retailers in the country. Some of whom were listed companies. Since the retailers demanded standardisation of displays, it resulted in us supplying nationally on behalf of the four major suppliers in the social stationery niche to these major retailers. In this particular niche we estimated that we had approximately 60% market share of the displays produced.  

We were a small company but we had worked hard to be as vertically integrated as possible.

We had a cabinetmaking workshop, a spray paint workshop and a metal workshop that worked with sheetmetal, wiremesh and carbon or mild steel.

We also handled our own local site work and fit-outs and occasionally sent teams out across the country. All in house. No sub-contractors.

A large truck loaded with retail display stands

A truck getting loaded with display stands that would get distributed nationally to major retail chains

A large truck getting loaded with shopfittings for despatch

Retail store fittings loaded for an out of town fit out. This store serviced the horse or equestrian market with everything from hay and sugar lumps to saddles and riding uniforms

A Black swan

The economy was booming and we wanted to grow our business. We had always taken a low risk approach in terms of our investment into the business, ensuring that there was a continuous and sustained demand for a particular type of product or service before we made any further investment in machinery and staff.

We felt that demand in the marketplace was strong and the outlook for the economy was good.

So, during 2008 we went ahead with renting more factory space, upgrading machinery and equipment for our woodwork and metal workshops with our biggest investment being a powdercoating workshop.

Powdercoating batch oven being installed

Powdercoating batch oven being installed

Powdercoating chemical pre-treatment tanks installation

Pre-treatment chemical cleaning tanks in position awaiting setup with an overhead crane

By the third quarter of the year our powdercoating workshop was completed and became operational.

It was during the last quarter of 2008 that we experienced a major decline in orders. This was unusual and we couldn’t understand why, after all it was the time of year that projects were getting pushed through for completion before the building industry holiday shutdown.

Little did we realise that we were experiencing the early signs of the Great Financial Crisis (GFC).

By the end of the first quarter of 2009 we had to close the doors on a business that had been part of our family and in our lives for over 20 years. This was a very stressful and difficult time.

I started my own business and I was able to keep the loyal support of my biggest customers. I continued to run the business for another eight years, trading through very difficult conditions.

While time has passed, the memories of the experience and lessons learned have remained. I have seen how quickly everything you have worked for and achieved, can slip away.

Next steps

After I started my own company in 2009 I knew that we needed to find more customers and not just to replace customers lost due to the GFC but also to grow our customer base.

It was also clear that using the old school yellow pages just wasn’t working anymore. We were getting absolutely no leads from it, and I mean zero leads.

I looked around and asked some questions and got referred to a local digital marketing agency that seemed to be on top of their game. That is, compared to what I saw with other agencies.

We signed up. They were pleasant enough to deal with, however we had to commit to a 2 year contract, it was an all in fee, they wouldn’t disclose how much went to pay-per-click or how much their management fee was, which I found very frustrating.

Once everything was launched the results were good. We had regular calls coming in, the click through rate on our ads was anywhere between 5%-8% per month. We managed to secure a number of regular clients.

Custom made office furniture and filing systems

College desking with powdercoated metal frames and MDF tops

Cabinetmaking tile and sanitary ware display stands

Tile and Sanitary ware showroom and display stands

Ultimately the economy as a whole never really recovered to it’s former strength after the GFC, which mean’t we were able to be sustainable under ongoing difficult trading conditions while other businesses were really struggling.

By 2016 my wife and I had decided to move our young family to Australia.

Now what

Having arrived in our new home country I was feeling exhausted and burn’t out from the long slow grind of trying to keep my previous business alive.

I needed to figure out what I wanted to do next.

In the 18 months leading up to our departure for Australia I had started a degree in Interior Architecture and Design and managed to complete the Cert Level IV requirement before our move.

I spoke to many cabinet making business owners to understand the local industry, as well as business owners in general.

While cabinet making, interior design and business is in my blood I just didn’t want to jump back into the industry.

Instead I decided to take the knowledge and experience of using digital marketing and start a digital marketing agency called

It was a struggle as I was new to the business model and the learning curve was steep. It was difficult to get any traction.

So I pivoted and refocused my website. The idea was to connect small business owners with the best courses, service providers, and coaches so that these business owners could upskill themselves and take charge of their own digital marketing.

Therefore I could save business owners a lot of wasted time and money by avoiding all the scams and do things right the first time.

What I came to discover was that while business owners may be interested in the idea of learning new skills, they are operationally at full capacity and time poor.

Business owners recognise the critical importance of marketing their businesses online, but it takes a lot of time, work and focus to be on top of all the continuous technology, algorithm, software, strategy and tactical changes. It frankly isn’t part of their core focus.

Businesses simply need the results, they don’t have time to learn the process.

Bringing it all together

This website brings together all this business experience.

Given that only one third of businesses make it to the 10 year mark, I am grateful for the opportunity to have been part of growing and managing 2 strong and sustainable cabinetmaking businesses that withstood the test of time.

If you own and manage a cabinet making company, then is a no frills, straightforward marketing resource focussed exclusively on your business, industry, audience and success.

By being committed only to the cabinet making industry we are better positioned to identify the trends, keywords, strategies, customer buying triggers, content and sales funnels that best serve you.

We need to be at our best as we serve only your market, we aren’t trying to work with chiropractors, dentists, real estate agents, attorney’s, car dealerships and the local florist as well as a dozen other industries. That would only fragment our focus.

Your success is our success.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Brendon Parker

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